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Final Thoughts on Telling Stories in Church

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The power of storytelling is surely effective from the pulpit, but storytelling can be utilized in a wide variety of ways aside from the sermon. There are multiple areas in which storytelling will prove to be beneficial throughout your church. Applying the fundamentals of storytelling in different capacities in your church will allow you to create culture and take advantage of opportunities. In this video, you will learn how to utilize storytelling in other areas of your church aside from your sermons.

Storytelling with the use of practical tools is a key aspect of positive public perception of your church. The reality is, your church is telling a story, whether you are intending to or not. In order to make sure that the story you are telling is one of positive influence, you must be able to recognize and utilize the storytelling tools at your expense.

The reality is, if you believe that your church is a place in which you are welcoming the Holy Spirit to work, you are doing a disservice to your community if you are not sharing it with them. When God moves in your church, the story that you outwardly and indirectly tell should embody what people can expect as they walk through the front doors.

One of the best things that you can do to promote the mission and values of your church is to educate yourself when it comes to effective storytelling. As you evaluate certain processes within your church, asking yourself what story people will perceive is a fundamental skill that will elevate your church to the next level.

Your ability to fine-tune the way that your church is perceived through storytelling is an incredible tool to have. In this video, you will learn two specific tools that you can use when it comes to storytelling. You will also be able to recognize how these tools should be put into practice for the benefit of your church.

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