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Navigating Church Culture Inside my Church

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When responding to external cultural shifts, it is important to guard against rationalization of God’s Word due to contemporary views of secular culture. But that does not mean that our internal church culture is static and never changing. Many churches may have rich histories with people who may have been indoctrinated against change. Some cultural elements may have been embedded in the church for much of its’ history. But the external cultural changes that influence the people we are attempting to reach are not slowing in speed.

This deems it necessary to consider internal cultural shifts. We are not simply speaking about making changes in the church. In this segment, we examine the need to recognize that our mission field is changing and the way people receive and process incoming communication is changing as well. Yet our core theological beliefs are embedded in our internal church culture, and should not change.

When we realize that we will not be successful reaching people in 2020 with a methodology that was birthed in the 1980’s, or 2000’s, how do we successfully transition our approach to engage with our shifting culture, and not compromise our beliefs? This session introduces the primary reasons to consider internal cultural shifts and allow them to lead into new levels of effectiveness. Internal cultural shifts in the church need to be introduced with a heart for God and His purposes.

Internal cultural changes are intended to be fluid, but also enduring. This video presents nine precepts which must be considered in order to evolve to that next level of effectiveness and cohesively keep your church unified and moving forward through internal cultural change. It is risky, so you will learn how to be respectful of the past and appreciative of existing culture. In addition, this video explains how to exercise patience and yet instill confidence.

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