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Leading Through a Shifting Secular Culture – Part 1

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Are you fearful regarding the rapidly shifting secular culture around us? The Barna Group has reported that the societal view of Christianity has shifted from being celebrated to being viewed as intolerant in a very short span of time. Be encouraged – we need not fear when observing change in our secular society.

If the mission of the church is to persevere, and the Bible says it will, then it is critical that we be able to identify the cultural changes surrounding us and not be afraid to respond. We need to be immersed in prayer, confident that the message of Jesus is timeless. The Lord built the church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

So are we finished? Is it time to run and hide? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We need to realize that we have an amazing opportunity to be more intentional about making the love of Jesus known in our world. We have to ask the Lord how He wants us to lead in times of secular cultural change. It is critical that we begin to be known by people who do not know Jesus and that we also get to know them.

Clearly, we see a shift in how Christianity is viewed. We now have credible data to support this assumption. As this video expresses, the church (Big C and little c) is facing four central challenges with regard to secular culture shifts and the decline of acceptance in long-held Christian beliefs. Learn the implications of these four principle challenges and how God is leading pastors to effectively respond. In one sense, this is not business as usual, but in another sense, we can have confidence that God’s Word does not change and is more than powerful enough to be found miraculous amidst a rapidly shifting secular culture.

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