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Leading Through a Shifting Secular Culture – Part 2

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Church leaders in the western world have been astounded at the rapid pace of change in our shifting secular culture. At times, it can feel like a freefall into darkness. We may wish we could stop the shift and slide, but the truth is that it is not going to stop and may proceed at an even greater pace.

But we know the church has been established by God and nothing will prevail against it. That is why we cannot let the enemy confuse us and persuade us to believe that we no longer have purpose or influence. The church is needed to lead in power like never before. The truth is that the Bible is still absolutely true, and Jesus is still absolutely King.

So why are we suddenly faced with such rejection and a decline of acceptance of Christian principles? This segment lays out the evolution of this trend by breaking it down into four secular orientations which are important for us to grasp. But we must be diligent in allowing God to show us how to lead amidst the rapid secular shift in spiritual and ethical perspectives.

Ultimately, society is watching with a critical eye and making accusations, but the truth is that not all of the accusations are undeserved. As leaders, we must eliminate sin in our own lives, and find ways to teach against and minimize it within our church. Furthermore, it is becoming more and more common for church leaders to dismiss some of the absolutes found in the Bible due to secular pressures. This series teaches us how to battle against this trend.

In this final video, we speak about your leadership in four areas of secular culture shift. While dealing with these shifts, we discuss the necessity for pastors and church leaders to exhibit deep selflessness in their interactions with staff, volunteers and everyone associated with the church.

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