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Myths About Conflict in Ministry

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As a pastor, conflict resolution is inevitably one of your primary roles. Whether this is between members of your congregation, staff members, or even your conflict with others, you must be able to resolve conflict. With this realization in mind, it can be easy for a pastor to become overwhelmed. Conflict resolution is not entirely simple. Before we jump into the specifics as to how to deal with conflict, we want to address some myths about conflict in ministry.

Have you ever acted on a notion that turned out to be incorrect? For example, think back to your days in math class as a kid. Unless you were a math guru, there is a chance you found yourself at the end of a complex problem, only to find out you used the wrong formula. You acted on what you thought was true, and it resulted in a negative outcome. This is the essence of myths. We start to believe them, and they trap us in our thoughts, preventing success and confidence.

We believe that your ability to resolve conflict within the church is very important. This is why we want to unpack a few common myths surrounding conflict in ministry. The myths we cover in this video have crippled the pastor’s ability to effectively resolve conflict. Since every personality is different, conflict resolution can be tough. It is often tempting to think that there is no solution to ending certain conflicts. Believing the myths about conflict in ministry is what creates this hopelessness for resolution.

In this video:

We aim to provide you with practical advice regarding myths about conflict in ministry. We will walk through four myths that pastors tend to believe about conflict in ministry. Take note of what these myths are and how they pertain to your church.

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