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Church Conflict Resolution Meeting

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In the previous videos within this series, we have discussed multiple keys to responding to conflict in ministry. We have considered the causes of conflict, debunked myths about conflict, looked at the various levels of conflict, and examined how to prepare for conflict. Now it is time to focus on the actual resolution of conflict. Understanding all of these concepts, what can you do to resolve the conflicts at hand? Resolving conflict in ministry can be very tough, but we are here to help.

Conflict resolution often occurs during a meeting between the parties involved. This meeting is a pivotal step to take as you seek to alleviate conflict with the best results. With that said, we all understand how human nature works. People who are not agreeing on something can tend to speak irrationally, aggressively, or even lash out at each other. This is why it is important to understand how to organize this meeting properly. The truth is, this conflict resolution meeting can produce more fruit than harm if you execute it well.

As you seek to resolve a conflict, whether you are directly involved or not, there are some leadership characteristics to keep in mind. These characteristics describe how you should respond during certain circumstances. These circumstances include things like one of the parties acting out of ignorance, incompetence, arrogance, or defiance. Regardless of the situation, we want you to feel ready to respond during conflict resolution. The way that a conflict resolution meeting is conducted and executed can result in a positive outcome.

In this video:

We dive into the process of directly resolving conflict in ministry. This is a process that is often avoid at all costs, but we contend that it is necessary for the health of your church. Utilize the insight in this video to effectively resolve conflict in your church.

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