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Mission Focused

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When it comes to ministry, everything has to have a “why”. You’ve probably heard this before… The concept that you must understand the “why” behind your ministry. Obviously, as pastors and church leaders, we understand that our ultimate goal is to advance the Kingdom of God and share the Gospel. Beyond that, what is your specific mission for the next event you’re doing? What is the mission behind your Sunday services? When you host a youth group event, what is your specific mission? Here, we are taking some time to talk about mission-focused ministry and how to develop it.

The first step in engaging in a mission-focused ministry is to understand the weight of the term “mission”. The mission of your church is the whole reason you are called to ministry. The mission is why you want people to come through the doors of your church. Everything that you do in your church must be tied to the mission. Instilling the fact that mission is imperative into your team is something you cannot miss. So, with that said, how can you foster a church environment in which mission is the focus?

Once you understand the value of mission-focused ministry, it is important to develop and define your mission. If we were to ask you what the mission of your church is, would you be able to define it? Furthermore, would you know how to develop a mission statement that reflects the values of your church? Perhaps you have a mission that is definable, but you need to evaluate that mission.

In this video:

 We take a look at three questions to ask before and after a major decision, big celebration, or disappointment in ministry. These questions will help you be a mission-focused ministry. Furthermore, we will provide you with four ways to be mission-focused as a practical guide.

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