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Have you ever been a part of an organization in which there was a leader who never kept their word? Perhaps you have been in a setting where a leader is sneaky and manipulative toward others. Regardless of how it manifests itself, a lack of integrity brings massive detriment to any organization. When you pair this concept with your calling as a pastoral leader, the stakes are even higher. Not only does a lack of integrity hurt the organization you’re a part of, but it disregards what the Bible provides as a guideline for leadership. Here, we unpack integrity in ministry and how to build credibility through it.

As you think about your calling, why are you doing what you are doing? Why did you decide to take the pastoral position you are currently in? Why are you volunteering at the church? Hopefully, the answer to this question is that you want to advance the Kingdom of God and share the Gospel. Now, think about the weight that your calling brings with it. You are impacting the eternity of people around you! A lack of integrity within the field of ministry is a serious problem.

Now that you have a grip on the level of importance integrity plays in ministry, how can you embrace it? What are the measures you can take to ensure that you are remaining of integrity? What does integrity truly look like in the context of pastoral ministry? All of these questions are important to discuss as you are attempting to lead with integrity in ministry.


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We are taking some time to discuss the five ways to have integrity that builds credibility. The reality is, when you lead out of integrity, your credibility with your church and your team increases. Use these tips to remain a pastor or church leader of integrity.

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