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How To Pray For God to Reveal Direction

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Everything you do in ministry should revolve around prayer. As you are prepping to preach, you should be praying. As you are building your teams, you should be praying. As you are leading meetings, you should be praying. Even as you are helping volunteers stack chairs after service, you should be praying for God to move through the ministry. This may sound extreme, but it is not. Prayer needs to be the center to every single effort of your ministry. With that said, the topic of core values is not exempt from this. Praying for God to reveal direction is both helpful and necessary to developing core values for your church.

Praying is, without a doubt, the most important step in creating core values for your ministry. Think about it. Your core values are what you value as a church. They reflect your personal ambitions toward reaching people for the gospel. They also reflect the church as a whole and what the church stands for. A church without core values is a church without direction. Now, think about the charge that God has placed on your life to reach the lost. That task is way too big for you to neglect the importance of praying for God to reveal direction.

While you understand the importance of prayer as it relates to creating core values in ministry, you may wonder: well, how do I do that? Beyond realizing the importance of prayer, is the next step, which is practicing it.

In this video:

We discuss the most important step in creating core values. This will be a helpful refresher on hearing the voice of God in regard to leadership direction.

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