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5 Steps In Communicating Core Values

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Have you ever had a really great idea that you were sure was going to take the church to new levels? This idea you had may have been absolutely incredible, but it does not mean anything if the people around you cannot understand it. Thinking in terms of your core values as a church, it would be a huge miss to have a congregation that does not understand your core values. Communication is a fundamental skill that every good leader must learn to master, especially when it comes to your ability to communicate core values in ministry.

Perhaps you have experienced a time where you heard a joke that you thought was hilarious. You were all excited to explain the joke to more of your friends, but when you began to share it, you realized that the joke was way funnier coming from the person who told you than it was coming from you. Oftentimes, we can get excited about certain things in the ministry, such as our core values, but if we do not know how to communicate them effectively, nobody in the congregation will buy in.

So, now that you understand the importance of communicating your core values effectively, how can you do that? What are the practical methods to ensure that your communication is working? How can you know that your congregation is grasping the core values you’ve set? What role do you play personally in communicating these values?

In this video:

We consider some tactics to communicate core values into your congregation. Some small shifts can make a big difference to streamline communication. When you learn to communicate core values in ministry, your ministry will skyrocket.

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