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6 Ways To Make Sure Your Values Drive Your Church Calendar

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Every pastor understands that time management as a pastor plays a huge role in terms of ministry. Perhaps you have found this to be an area where you could use some growth in. Or maybe this is an area that you have nailed. Either way, it does not take long to realize that, without excellent calendar-managing skills, the ministry becomes capped. Here, we are focusing on time management from a bigger scale than just your personal engagements. Instead, we are dialed in on your ability to manage the ministry calendar in advance in order to maximize effectiveness. What does this have to do with core values?

Every decision you make in the church should have a definable reason behind it. Some leaders like to say, “you need to find the WHY behind what you do.” As you begin to tackle the often-daunting task of organizing your church calendar, the why is very critical to understand. As you are planning your preaching calendar, assigning dates, and planning in advance, your core values will help you determine and organize your calendar.

How can your core values positively affect the way you manage your calendar? How can you utilize your core values in order to make your calendar work for you and your church?

In this video:

We talk about how core values should have a strong influence on your church calendar and preaching calendar. Watch this video to see how you can systematically implement a process to intertwine them effectively.

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