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6 Ways to Build a Culture of Honor

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Culture is a concept that is widely discussed within church leadership circles. Perhaps this is because there are so many different cultures that can be set within a church. If we are not careful as church leaders, the cultures we set can be counterproductive in terms of the mission of the church. A huge part of church leadership pertains to the culture that you create. In this episode, we are discussing the importance of creating a culture of honor within your church.

First thing’s first, you must understand why a culture of honor is so important to the health of your church. Honor is what is going to bring generational gaps to an end within your church. When you prioritize honor, you will create a culture that attracts all generations and creates a sustainable plan to accommodate them. Why is honor such an important culture to build in your church? What are the direct effects of a strong culture of honor within your church? This video will answer these questions.

Additionally, it is important to know how to create this culture of honor for your church. As you begin to think about how this could be accomplished in your church, understanding the practical steps you can take to do so is crucial. What are the steps you can take right now to ensure that you are building a culture of honor? How does your current church culture differ or resemble the culture of honor we are discussing? These questions are the types of questions we want to help you with in this episode.

In this video:

We are unpacking the reasoning behind why a culture of honor is so imperative for the health of your church. From a multi-generational standpoint, a culture of honor is crucial. To find out why this is so important and how to implement it effectively, take a look at this video!

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