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4 Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves Before Making Change

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Here at Leaders.Church, we believe that high-level leaders understand how and when to ask themselves meaningful questions. When leaders act on impulse and make decisions without taking time to ask the important questions, they miss the mark. A huge part of multi-generational leadership is asking yourself important questions. This is true because when you make change that may affect generations differently, you need to be very intentional. Here, we are unpacking what these intentional questions look like and why you should be asking them.

First and foremost, from the standpoint of multi-generational church leadership, asking questions is a spiritual endeavor. Your mission as a church leader is to advance the Kingdom of God, but you cannot do that by neglecting the spiritual component of leadership. This is why asking questions with spiritual implications regarding your multi-generational church strategy is key. This video covers more on why this is important and what types of spiritual questions you should be asking yourself.

Additionally, there are multitude of practical questions you should be asking yourself regularly in terms of multi-generational leadership. What are the questions that need to be asked in terms of practical leadership of multiple generations? Why are these questions so imperative for your ministry? We seek to answer these questions and more in this video.

Asking yourself questions is a great way to ensure that your planning and leadership is effective. With an absence of this self-evaluation, there are no guardrails protecting against rash decisions that could undermine your opportunity to minister to all generations.

In this video:

You will learn what questions to ask yourself as you lead a healthy, multi-generational church. These questions will be spiritual, practical, and simple. As you ask these questions, you will begin to level up your leadership so that each and every generation is equally cared for and ministered to in your church.

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