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4 Ways to Encourage Multi-Generational Leadership

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While you may understand the need for multi-generational leadership within the context of your church, that may not be the case for others. As you seek to build a culture that prioritizes multi-generational leadership, understand that you are going to have to encourage both your team and your congregation to participate in this multi-generational effort. Inevitably, there will be generational gaps that cause a difference in opinion. When this happens, it is important that your team and congregation are on the same page about their desire to bridge those gaps. Here, we are unpacking the ins and outs of encouraging multi-generational leadership in your church.

The first step in encouraging multi-generational church leadership is prioritizing your staff. When your staff is fully on-board with bridging generational gaps, this makes your task a lot easier. Teams rallying behind a multi-generational church will allow you to leverage opportunities to include all generations. How can you ensure that your team is prioritizing a multi-generational ministry strategy? What could those strategies look like so that a culture of multi-generational inclusion exists?

The second step is to ensure that your congregation and volunteers are engaged with the idea of a multi-generational church. As you work toward this goal, it is important to keep in mind that your congregation is hopefully made up of a generationally diverse group. As you keep this in mind, what are the things you need to analyze within your church to ensure that your congregation is thinking multi-generationally? How can you make sure that each generation has a place to serve and be a part of your church?

These are all great questions for you to ask yourself and your team, and luckily, we are going to tackle them in this episode.

In this video:

We are taking some time to discuss multi-generational leadership from the standpoint of encouragement. By the end of this video, you will learn how to encourage multi-generational leadership for your congregation and for your volunteers.

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