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How to Successfully Navigate Change in the Church

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It is imperative that you know how to successfully navigate change in the church, as change is inevitable. Change is, in fact, an integral part of ministry! As trends and overall church culture changes around you, you must be able to adapt. More importantly, as the people in your church change, you must be able to change. Changing along with people in your church is vital when the goal is to reach them for Christ.

A prime example of this is found within the realm of youth ministry. As you know, the youth of today can be difficult to keep up with in terms of what is trendy. While keeping up with trends is not the goal of the church, it is necessary in order to better connect with youth. Everything you do should point people back to Christ. Change is a fundamental aspect when it comes to reaching people in ministry!

Some aspects of change include: knowing how to communicate it to the church, understanding the importance of handling it properly, and working out the logistics of effective change within church ministry. We want to help you face the hard questions such as: how to deal with congregational opposition to change, how to face change with fearless leadership, and how to launch your church forward as you learn to change effectively.

Change is as inevitable as it is essential. Change is so important, that it can make or break your ministry. As you change, we want to guide you through the ins and outs of listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We also want to help you understand the logistics and best practices surrounding change in the church.

In this series:

We will discuss three major topics regarding change in the church. Within these three videos, you will find massive amounts of helpful information about how to successfully navigate change in the church.


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