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How to Plan for the Future of the Church

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One of the most prevalent factors in church stagnation is a lack of thinking about the future. Perhaps you have been in a situation in which there is a more efficient system available, but it is shot down by a leader who declares it a contradiction to “how it has always been done.” However, it is also true that analyzing past successes can lead to a bright future for your church. So where is the balance between appreciating the past, and letting go of old practices? This question can cripple your leadership if you are unable to answer it. When leaders neglect to plan for the future of the church, it is difficult to spark growth and success.

Think back to your senior year of high school. That pivotal year in your life where you were attempting to figure yourself out and follow the calling that God had placed on your life. Perhaps people were asking you what you wanted to do for college or what your plans were. Being bombarded with questions about your future and pressured with the weight of your first real life decisions as an adult, chances are, you were overwhelmed at times. While this is acceptable in your teenage years, the story is different as a church leader. This stress is exactly what we want to prevent in the church today. Church leaders must understand the importance of navigating change with the future in mind rather than avoiding it.

The balance between the past and the future is one that must be decoded within the setting of the church. How can you be progressive as you plan for the future of the church? In doing so, how can you respect and implement effective practices of the past?

In this video:

We want to challenge you to think progressively toward the future of your church. We will share some practical ways for you to do so, as well as some spiritual advice regarding the future of your church.

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