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How to Prepare the Church for Change

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Every ministry leader knows that change is absolutely inevitable. Change is an aspect of church leadership that must be comprehended by everyone involved. With this said, before you can fully understand how to navigate change, you must understand how to prepare for it. This is a concept that is highly imperative to the success and growth of your church. This is also a concept that largely gets shoved under the rug. Questions often arise regarding how to prepare the church for change when that change seems unpredictable. Perhaps you understand the change that needs to happen, but you struggle to communicate it for the future. After all, the looming reality of change can be quite daunting! The good news is that preparing for change involves a systematic, logical approach that you can follow.

In this video, we are going to break down the process of preparing for change in your church. Understanding this process will be contingent upon your ability to identify the meaning behind your change. Think of the things you must communicate to your congregation. How is this change going to affect them? Is there a clear benefit for the congregation involving this change? What are the logistics behind the change that is going to take place? These are all questions that must be answered by the church leader and they all fall under the umbrella of why.

So how do you begin to understand the why behind change in your church? What is the systematic approach you should take in order to communicate change effectively? Ultimately, how do you succeed as you attempt to prepare the church for change? These are the types of questions we want to answer for you.

In this video:

We want to share nine practical steps that will allow you to prepare the church for change.

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