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How to Experience Successful Church Events

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Whether your recent event failed to feed over half of the congregation after promising food, the sound board died in the middle of service, or the lead singer cancelled last minute, we have all experienced an event that tanked in ministry. The good news is that God can use our efforts regardless. However, it is our job to do the best with what we have. This is why we have created this series on how to have successful church events.

If you begin to think, it probably will not take you long to remember an event that you wish had gone a little bit better. Perhaps the planning of this event did not include enough practical thought, or the event was led ineffectively. Regardless of the issues that you experienced with the event, the memory sparks motivation to improve for the future.

One of the major aspects of experiencing successful church events is the planning. Planning the event consists of many key factors. What should your planning process look like? How can you determine meaningful objectives for your events? You see, event planning is full of logistics, problem-solving, and intentionality. When you can wrap your mind around these things, your church events will take a leap to the next level. Within this series we have included loads of advice and practical tips regarding church event planning strategy.

The other side of church event planning is spiritual. Discovering the spiritual purpose of each event should be held as a high priority. Your church is not putting on events solely for entertainment or recruitment, rather for God’s glory and ministry.

In this series:

We discuss some of the major factors involved with effective church event planning. By the end of this series, you will be an expert on how to have successful church events.

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