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Post-Event Follow-Up

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The process that you use to evaluate an event after it has been concluded is vital to the ongoing success of your church. The reality is you can take a short breath of fresh air, as the most recent event is over, but the next event is right around the corner. The time you have as a leader in between events is a crucial time to utilize. This is when you should be evaluating the wins, as well as the aspects of the event that could have been better. The problem is that many leaders will take this pivotal time as a break instead of a time of constructive analysis. Having a systematic approach to your debrief and follow-up after an event is imperative to your success for future events. This video will walk you through some important, practical steps that you can take to make sure that your post-event follow-up is effective and beneficial.

As a leader, you have most likely heard the phrase “hindsight is twenty-twenty.” This is the attitude that you and the team around you should have as you are seeking to identify aspects of an event that you thought were great, or that you could improve on. Your attitude while debriefing is one of the most important factors of a healthy follow-up process. This will determine whether you have a productive mindset or not. Your attitude will also establish an atmosphere in the room. It is important that you fine-tune your attitude during post-event follow-up so that you can create a productive atmosphere. This video will teach you how to have an attitude that promotes this type of atmosphere.

The follow-up process should not be taken lightly. It should be an intentional time that you set aside as a team in order to improve and analyze how you hold events. In this video, you will learn many insightful thoughts as to how you can maximize your follow-up process. You will also receive three great tips to make the most out of your post-event debrief meetings.

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