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What Pastors Need to Think About as They Lead Events

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Take a moment to think about the last event that your church held. Before you assess whether or not it was successful, just think about all of the factors that went into making sure that the event simply took place. Odds are, there are quite a few things that immediately come to your mind that had to happen in order for the event to happen. Maybe the event that took place was a production that required special lighting, sound, decorations, food, extra volunteers and many other things that you had to manage as a leader. Furthermore, as new unique ideas come up that are integrated into the event, managing those new additions that you may have no experience in can be overwhelming. As a pastor, it can be difficult to manage and lead an event when there are a lot of factors that play into it. During events like these, it is important to have an understanding as to what your thought process should be throughout the entirety of the event. In this video you will obtain a firm understanding of what you should be thinking about as you lead an event.

One thing to keep in mind as you lead events is that there will always be things that do not go completely as planned. If you have ever led or managed an event, you understand this to be true. What do you do when, what was supposed to be a key component of an event, turns out to be unsuccessful? What happens when you realize that a person who you have placed in a position does not fit with the event?

In this video, you will learn a systematic process involving five key things to think about as you are leading events. You will also be provided with tips on what a pastor should think about before an event takes place.

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