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Leading Yourself in Ministry

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This is a very special series that we have devoted solely to you! The reality is, the very essence of ministry is that you are leading others. You are pouring out constantly, ministering through tough situations, and giving your all for others. This is all great. You know you are called to minister and the Lord is enough to strengthen you in it. While this is true, you can only pour out what your glass contains. In order to do this, you must take good care of yourself. In this series, we are unpacking the importance of leading yourself in ministry.

Leading yourself comes with many various nuances. A major part of this process involves your thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions must be kept in check in terms of yourself, the people around you, and the ministry. When you understand how to check yourself and lead the areas of your life effectively, you will thrive as a pastor.

Here, we are tackling the tough questions. How can you keep your ego in check? Where can your thoughts take you? How can you gain control of your thoughts rather than letting them control you? What role do emotions play for a ministry leader?

These are just some of the questions that you will have an answer to after consuming the content in this series. Our heart is to help you be the best version of yourself. This is because we believe that when God calls someone to ministry, they should strive to lead at their full capacity.

In this series:

Our goal is to shape your thinking toward healthy personal leadership. We believe that when you understand how to lead yourself, great things can happen. This is especially true within the context of pastoral leadership.

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