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How To Be a Campus Pastor Part 1

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Now it is time to talk about what is perhaps the trendiest topic in church ministry: multi-site. The truth is, multi-site churches can add massive value to a church. They enable your church to reach a wider geographical population of people. They also free up space to be less congested at each campus. Along with this, every campus needs a campus pastor, the one leading the frontlines. This job consists of many roles and responsibilities that can oftentimes be considered difficult or overwhelming. In this series, we dive into how to be a campus pastor.

A common notion regarding campus pastors is that they are less important than the lead pastor of a church. This notion is false. The role the campus pastor plays is a role that is vital to each and every person that walks into the church. The campus pastor is a spiritual leader, event planner, counselor, and so much more. In this series we will unpack the specific roles and responsibilities that a campus pastor possesses. We will also educate you on how to execute these responsibilities well.

In addition to the everyday roles and responsibilities, there are some major traits and disciplines that this position carries. They must be diligent with their schedule as they work throughout the week. They must understand the importance of respecting and meshing well with authority. Along with these things, there are certain practices such as church metrics that must be a priority.

In this series:

We unpack the essentials on how to be a campus pastor. Specifically, we will take a look at how to stay planted under authority, multi-site launch strategy, the campus pastor’s schedule, and much more.

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