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Transitioning from a Staff Pastor to a Campus Pastor

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Moving into a leadership role for the first time can be highly intimidating. In terms of a campus pastor, your job will change in terms of the level of leadership authority that you are responsible for. There are endless possibilities as to what this could specifically mean for your church. Most likely, this additional responsibility will include leading weekend services, leading meetings, directing entire departments and much more. As you are placed in this leadership role, staying firm in the plan that God has for your life, as well as remaining aligned with the vision that God has placed on your heart is key. In this video, you will learn the role that God plays in your leadership role.

It may be tempting to persuade yourself into thinking that your newfound position of leadership creates an immunity to authority, which could not be further from the truth. In most cases, if you are a campus pastor, you will still be under the vision and authority of the church as a whole and the lead pastor. This does not mean that you will not have any free range to follow what God has placed on your heart but respecting the authority above you will still be an integral part of your leadership. This video will teach you how to foster an environment that can utilize the vision of the church as a whole.

As you move into this leadership role, it is important to trust and have confidence in the authority that is above you. If you can trust and take pride in knowing that the figure authority that is over you is honoring your work, it will be much easier to respect that person. This video will teach you more about the importance of mutual respect between your position of leadership, and the authority above you. You will be provided with three thoughts on moving into a leadership role by Pastor Kirk Graham.

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