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Campus Pastor Loyalty to Lead Pastor

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Have you ever had big dreams for your ministry that have put you at odds with authority and leadership above you? When you are at odds with authority, how do you handle it, and what happens to the dreams that you feel like God has given you? These are questions that many church leaders face because the reality is, it is our human nature to resist authority and stay planted in our own way. In times like these, it is important to stay planted in what God has promised and stick to his plan for your ministry. It is also important to understand that the authority over you is vital to your growth as a leader.

There will be times in your ministry that you will get offended. There are also times when you will feel like moving your life towards a different direction will be the easier route than the one you are on. Churches thrive with the vision that God has placed in them when their leadership decides that they are going to stay planted and under authority. In a healthy church, realizing that God has placed authority over you according to his plan for your church will help you grow in your leadership. In this video, you will learn the positive impacts of rejecting the lies that can discourage you and replacing them with growth that will empower you to be the leader that God wants you to be.

When you step into what God has for your ministry by staying planted and under authority, you will be able to see amazing growth in your life and in your church. In this video, Pastor Kirk Graham will share personal experiences about staying planted and under authority. You will learn three key thoughts as to how you can do this effectively.

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