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Vision in Ministry

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Have you ever been around a leader who was so self-absorbed that they were not at all self-aware? In other words, they were so turned inward, that they had no recognition of how they were being perceived outwardly. What kind of leader are you? Are you empathetic? What do you think those who are under your leadership would say about you? Would they agree with your assessment of who you are as a leader? Do they follow your guidance out of respect or simply out of compliance?

How you are perceived as a leader may be more important than who you really are as a leader.
Think about this…You cannot be an effective leader if people don’t believe in your ability to lead. Do they perceive you as a promoter of empowerment or a deputy of restraint? Would they expect you to advance their ideas or kill their dreams?

Everyone has been led by someone else. Think about how you felt about the best leader you have ever had. Then compare that with how you felt about the worst leader you have seen. What do you wish both of those leaders understood about leadership and about you? The reality is that if you lead a large group of people or lead for a long period of time, you have probably evoked all of those feelings in someone following you.

In this series, we disclose what subordinates wish their leader understood. We break this down into four elements: Vision, Communication, Enthusiasm, and Listening. As a leader, it is important to understand what those you are leading would like for you to know that would help you be a more effective relational leader. In this first video, we disclose eight ideas and perceptions from the minds of subordinates regarding the element of vision.

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