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Listening in Ministry

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In this series, we uncover what subordinates wish their leader understood. For clarity, we separate this into four distinct elements: Vision, Communication, Enthusiasm, and Listening.

For Christians, the preeminent text for listening may be James 1:19: “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.” Listening should be easy, so why is it so difficult? It seems like in our default mode, we are slow to hear and quick to speak. All of us simply long to be heard. We are so much more likely to say, “Listen up,” or “Hear me out” than to ask, “What’s up” or “Do you want to tell me all about it?”

If we long to be heard, then we need to be reminded that others have that same longing. As servant-hearted people, called to apply God’s Word, we are more worthy leaders and servants when we upgrade our listener toolbox. In fact, our ability to listen may reflect our relationship with God. We may be drowning out the voice of God speaking to us if we have a gabby spirit.

As a leader, you have a lot of people relying on you. They are placing some of their hopes on you. The very least we can do is listen. In this segment, we wrap up the series on what subordinates wish their leader understood by emphasizing one of the most challenging parts, being a sincerely empathetic listener. The first three parts, vision, communication, and enthusiasm are all sender/speaker centric. Even though this series presents new ideas from a unique perspective, communicating vison and spreading enthusiasm are usually right in the wheelhouse of a gifted leader. Listening, however, is just not as exciting and can be difficult for all of us.

In this video, we detail four things about listening, that subordinates wish leaders understood. We are certain that if you contemplate these concepts, you will be stronger and more effective as a relational leader.

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