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Enthusiasm in Ministry

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In this series, we divulge what subordinates wish their leader understood. We break this down into four meaningful components: Vision, Communication, Enthusiasm, and Listening.

Enthusiasm is defined by Merriam-Webster as strong excitement of feeling or something inspiring zeal or fervor. When enthusiasm spreads, it sparks energy and when you are energetic, great things can happen. Think about when you walk into a room that is energized with enthusiasm. The happiness you feel can last all day long. Conversely, think about when a room is filled with apathy or disinterest. Unless you have time for a nap, you are probably looking for the exit as soon as possible.

In our churches we want to pray that enthusiasm for Jesus and zeal for reaching people is a constant reality. It should be an authentic enthusiasm. Remember that happiness is fleeting, but the joy of the Lord is enduring. What can you learn from leaders you have known that exhibit a contagious enthusiasm?

One reason enthusiasm is an important leadership topic is that our study of what subordinates wish their leader understood, tells us that subordinates consider it to be very important. Enthusiasm is more than hype, it is inspirational. God has called you as a church leader to preach and declare some amazingly glorious and miraculous truth from His Word. He wants people to be so enthusiastic about it that they cannot help but share their enthusiasm with those who do not know Him. That move toward greater enthusiasm, an enthusiasm that for God that is contagious begins with you!

In this video, we disclose 11 ways to increase enthusiasm as a leader and have it spread to subordinates and throughout your church. The reason you NEED to watch this video is that these 11 things are what subordinates wish you understood about enthusiasm.

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