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Tithing is one of the most questioned practices in the church today. Many people, even church leaders, are rejecting the idea of emphasizing the importance financial tithing within the church. In a generation that stresses the importance of self-indulgence and creating an atmosphere that can be fine-tuned to our every desire, many young people are turning away from making their tithe a regular priority. So, the question is, is tithing still relevant to the modern church? The answer is absolutely! In this video, Pastor Rob Ketterling will stress the importance of tithing and what role it plays in the church, and in our personal lives.

Tithing is not always easy. There are always going to be people in your church, in your personal life, and maybe even you, who struggle with financial problems. Some people find it hard to pay their bills on time, others may need financial help in order to purchase basic necessities. Maybe as you were driving to work this morning, you were not sure how you were going to make it back home with the amount of gas you had in your car. Financial problems are present in today’s society and everyone faces them. Although this is the case, tithing is still something that is important for every person in every church. This video will walk you through some of the basic principles as to why tithing still plays a biblical role in the church.

When we face times financial struggles in our lives, and tithing becomes hard, it is important to realize that God is on your side financially. In addition to that, it is important for church leaders to understand the importance of stressing this idea to the church. In this video, you will learn why tithing is something that every person can do, as well as the biblical significance behind it.

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