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The Pastor Leads in Generosity

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Perhaps one of the most common phrases pertaining to leadership advice is: “leading by example.” When it comes to leadership through generosity, this phrase directly applies. As a leader, you should always be striving to teach something valuable to those in which you are leading. The most effective way to do this, is by embracing the important values that you are teaching in your own life. In this case, being an effective leader means striving to be the most generous person in the room at any given time. In this video, Pastor Rob Ketterling will share his personal insight as to how he has led by example with his generosity.

As church leaders, it can be easy to credit ourselves with certain successes within the church, that ultimately, should be credited to God. Tithing and giving is a perfect example of this mindset. So many leaders will wait until they are financially stable to start giving. As we already know, this is not what God has planned for our lives. He wants us to regularly be engaging in generosity as we tithe. When this happens, our mindset shifts from standing in awe of what God has done with our finances, to being prideful of we have done with our finances. This video will walk you through some key points pertaining to how God has called you to lead.

Your influence as a leader when it comes to generosity is wasted unless you step out in faith and trust God to do amazing things with your finances. If this concept is neglected, the blessings that God wants to deliver cannot be fully received. You have influence to create an atmosphere where generosity is the standard! This video will teach you five key points that will inspire you to grow in your leadership, lead by example with your generosity, and make the most of the influence you have.

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