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Do Not Make Excuses in Giving

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When it comes to giving generously and tithing, there is a temptation to make excuses as to why we should be immune to it all together. Some pastors claim that they do not make enough money to effectively tithe and sustain a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Some people feel as if they have served the church enough on a regular basis to the point of immunity from financial giving. Others will point towards the stressful situations or problems that they are facing within their personal life and expect to receive mercy for not tithing. The fact is, while God still loves us unconditionally, making excuses instead of giving means that our trust and our priorities are completely wrong. In this video, pastor Rob Ketterling will explain why our excuses are not valid when it comes to generosity.

It is easy to become worried and anxious over the financial issues that you believe you will never be able to claim victory over. If you let this worry and anxiety consume you, there is a wall that is built between you, and what God wants to do in your life. Knowing how to shift your perspective from an earthly source of income, to God being your source of income, is key. This will allow you to tithe with confidence, give above and beyond your normal tithe, and encourage your church to tithe through your leadership. This video will walk you through both practical and biblical ways to keep this perspective.

Learning how to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of you fulfilling what God wants for your life is a key concept that every leader needs to embrace. In this video, you will learn how to do overcome excuses and hesitations about tithing and giving, and you will understand the positive impact that tithing and giving can have in your life and in your church.

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