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The Pastor and Prayer Leadership

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Prayer leadership is how we lead others to have a dependency on God through prayer. Building a church culture that makes prayer a supreme priority requires an intentional effort in prayer leadership. Possibly, you have prayed every single day of your life. Conversely, your intent to be consistent in prayer may have been frequently derailed by distractions and a hectic schedule. Wherever you might be on the prayer life spectrum at this time, wouldn’t you agree that your desire is to disciple your church people in consistent, powerful prayer? You certainly have many of the same real-life pressures as the people you minister to on a daily basis.

There is no better path to consistency in your personal prayer life than to seriously consider the instructions of Jesus in prayer. When we pay attention to the life and words of Jesus, it is easier to model consistent, meaningful prayer to your family and fellow leaders in your church. They need to see that prayer is predominant and central to who you are as a leader. Prayer leadership is defining what sincere prayer truly looks like, which may be more palpable than the stereotypes of boring, sleepy, incoherent one-way communication many people have constructed in their minds. If you ask God to show you how to present prayer to your church and allow the Lord to speak to you, He will show you how to plant the seed and cultivate corporate and personal prayer growth to everyone in your church.

In this second video, we offer six important thoughts on prayer leadership. When you are able to model consistent, powerful prayer to those around you, and articulate what prayer is in your context, you will feel confident in stepping up and engaging in successful prayer leadership. It might just be the most impactful leadership initiative thus far in your ministry.

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