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How Your Prayer Life Relates to Your Leadership

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Every pastor will agree that prayer is powerful, impactful, and absolutely essential to experience God’s guidance, wisdom, and presence in your church. Building a church culture that makes prayer a supreme priority requires an intentional effort in prayer leadership. Prayer leadership is how we lead others to have a dependency on God through prayer.
This series kicks off with a discussion about the relationship between our own personal prayer life and leadership of a praying church. Before you say, “I’ve got this” and move on to another topic, don’t miss the opportunity to be challenged and encouraged regarding the tension that exists from pressure to get things done and attempting to find time to pray and lead your church in prayer.

In a sense, you are saying to your church, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” As you follow and teach the instructions of Jesus, remember that you can’t lead others to a place you have never been. A key piece of advice is to quiet our hearts and allow God to speak to us, taking full advantage of prayer as two-way communication. When we open our hearts to hear, exercise discipline in prayer, and pray with the intent to truly communicate with God, our prayer life will be strengthened and we can be confident of God’s desire to help us lead others in prayer and devotion to Him. Furthermore, it is important to have a plan for long-term consistency in personal prayer, because we can be certain that distractions and a heavy workload will be consistently present.
In this first video on Prayer leadership, we present seven thoughts on cultivating and strengthening your own prayer life. When you lead by example in growing your prayer life, you can expect God to provide a similar increase in the church or ministry that you lead.

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