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The Campus Pastor and the Lead Pastor

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One of the trendiest phrases pertaining to multi-site churches is: one church, multiple locations. While this seems like just another catchy expression that is used as a marketing method, there is actual wisdom behind it. You see, that is exactly what a multi-site church is! You have not cut yourself from the church to create a new one. Instead, you are maintaining the same culture and values as the other campuses of your church. As you strive to do this, it is important that you understand the proper relationship between the campus pastor and lead pastor of the church.

As we have discussed before, the campus pastor should always do whatever they can to lift and support the lead pastor. With that said, it can be difficult to adapt your leadership to that of the lead pastor. After all, you are two different people! Before you become overwhelmed, understand that there are some key disciplines and practices that will assist you in this effort.

The principles that we will outline in this video will allow you to maximize your influence, while staying on board with your lead pastor. Why is this important? Again, one church, multiple locations. You are not the lead pastor of your separate church. Instead, your job is to support the church as a whole with your leadership of your designated campus.

With this said, nobody expects you to be the exact same person as your lead pastor. Your leadership styles may even vary a little! The important thing is that your leadership and your campus uphold the identity and DNA of the rest of the church. How can you ensure this at your campus? What does this look like in terms of the relationship between the campus pastor and lead pastor?

In this video:

We provide you with three ways to lead and follow well as a campus pastor. Use these as you seek to maximize your leadership and strengthen the church as a whole.

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