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Multi-Site Campus Leadership with a Small Staff

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Leading an entire campus with a small staff can be an intimidating endeavor. Perhaps you are the only staff member at the campus you are serving. Regardless of the specifics, having a small staff forces you to maximize your leadership ability. It causes you to be on the next level of church leadership. While this is the case, you should not look at a small campus staff as a negative thing. In fact, depending on your perspective, your small staff can be an advantage! In this video, we want to break down the fundamentals of how to lead the multi-site campus with a small staff.

A common temptation that plagues the mind of campus pastors with a small staff is to start freaking out. All sorts of questions can begin to arise as you attempt to lead your campus effectively. Will there be enough people to coordinate volunteers on the weekend? How will you complete all of the follow-up that has to be done? Perhaps you are worried about forgetting a responsibility as you read this now!

With all kinds of questions, hesitancies, and concerns looming within your thoughts, how can this situation be positive? The good news is that a small staff can be just as effective for your context as a large staff. Alongside the practical advice within this video, understand that God equips people for their calling!

So, what are the keys to managing a team that is seemingly shorthanded? How should your leadership look like when you are leading a small staff? In what ways can you use a small staff to your advantage?

In this video:

Our goal is to break down the fear of becoming shorthanded in ministry. As a campus pastor, it can be intimidating to feel like you do not have a large enough team around you. This is why we have included some key thoughts on how to lead the multi-site campus with a small staff.

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