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Multi-Site Church Culture

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Here at Leaders.Church, we have talked a lot about church culture. In various series’ we have discussed the fundamentals of building and shaping culture. We have also highlighted the roles of trust, communication, and initiative in terms of church culture. Now, as we dive deeper into how to be a campus pastor, the importance of church culture continues. The culture of your church is most likely already set, but how does this translate into multi-site church culture?

One of your primary goals as a campus pastor is to maintain the common culture of the church as a whole within your designated campus. How is this accomplished? We believe that it is accomplished through the practice of organizational culture. This has to do with the core values, language, and atmosphere of the church. As a campus pastor, how can you ensure that these aspects are aligning with the culture of your church? We want to discuss these topics in depth and give you a practical understanding of multi-site culture.

Even after you understand the concept of creating an environment in which the overall culture of the church can be reciprocal, the pressure of regulating this culture can be intimidating. During the course of this video, we want to provide you with some key questions that you can continually ask yourself in terms of multi-site culture. These questions will prove to be helpful as you seek to maintain the culture of the church at your campus.

In this video:

We want you to feel confident with your ability to lead the way for multi-site church culture. We understand that culture dictates so much of the overall church experience. As this is true for any church, it is especially imperative for the multi-site approach. This video includes three in depth keys for how organizational culture is promoted. We will also provide you with questions to ask yourself as a campus pastor to maintain culture.

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