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Social Media Management in Ministry

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We live in a world that is consumed by social media. Everywhere you look, there is an advertisement for some social media platform. At events, whoever is putting on the event will want you to interact with them on social media. Celebrities and groups will give incentives for people who take time out of their day to comment on their posts. From a marketing perspective, this is because people realize that social media is a tool that can be used effectively in today’s society. There is a place for social media in your ministry, but there is also a lot of detriment that can come from social media if it is not used wisely. In this video, you will learn how social media can start to control your life if you do not take control of it first.

There is a balance that we must find as church leaders as to when, where, and how to use social media. Especially with younger generations, one of the best ways to communicate with a church congregation is through the intentional use of social media. You can use it to promote events, deliver encouragement, remind people about your weekend services and much more. You can even use social media to simply connect with people inside or outside the church, which is a great idea. The problem with social media is that all of these benefits are so glamourous, that we can end up spending too much time and effort on social media as we wonder where all of our time went. This video will provide you with practical and advice on how to manage the time you spend on social media, as well as when it is appropriate to use social media.

This video contains six key thoughts on how to manage social media. As you assess your use of social media, apply these thoughts to your routine to ensure that you are controlling your social media, rather than letting it control you.

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