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Managing Your Calendar in Ministry

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When you are juggling, what seems like, a million things at once, has anyone ever told you that you need to start controlling your calendar instead of letting your calendar control you? At some point in our busy lives, everyone deals with time and priority management issues. The simple fact is, there are only 24 hours in a day! When it comes to utilizing those 24 hours to the best of your ability to ensure effective productivity, there are some measures to take that are absolutely necessary. If you do not learn to manage your calendar and fill it with the right priorities, you will find yourself struggling to find time to do anything to the best of your ability.

Maybe you are person who struggles to say no to the extra responsibilities that may be thrown at you throughout the week. Maybe you are a person who will sit down to focus on one important task, only to get distracted by a different one. Whatever your situation is, whether you struggle with calendar and priority management or not, there is always room to improve so that you can maximize the productivity you are getting out of your week. In reality, to say that a lack of time-management skills can be crippling, is an understatement. In this video, you will begin to understand what you can do to ensure that you are maximizing your week with productivity as well as decreasing your stress-level.

When it comes to calendar and priority management, nobody is perfect. There will always be important things that come up during the week that will seem to throw you completely off of your schedule. Even so, it is crucial that you understand how to effectively manage your time to the best of your ability so that you can ensure that your church is thriving, as well as your own health is being maintained. In this video, you will learn 5 steps to take as you manage your calendar and priorities.

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