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Eliminating Procrastination in Ministry

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have a big project or a large number of tasks that have to be done, but you just cannot rack up the motivation to take action. This attitude creates a propensity for us to procrastinate. Maybe you tell yourself, after a busy day, that you deserve an evening off, even though you cannot afford to sacrifice that much time that could be used for productivity. Maybe you find yourself trying to convince yourself that the work you have to do will not take very long, even when you know it will. There are endless reasons for a person to procrastinate, but the fact remains the same, procrastination will not allow you to grow as a leader. A continued pattern of procrastination will lead to deadlines not being met, stress being added to your life, and the leadership above you being dissatisfied with your work.

The great thing about the problem of procrastination, is that it can be fixed by simple, practical methods that will allow you to use your time more effectively. The most difficult part of decreasing your propensity to procrastinate, is being willing to take action. As you start to take steps in the right direction as you organize your time to ensure productivity, you will progressively find it easier and easier to spend less time procrastinating. In this video, you will learn some specific, practical ideas that will allow you to manage your time so that you do not procrastinate.

As you begin to take action against your propensity to procrastinate, continually motivate yourself in any way that you can. This can be a hard habit to break, but the practical ideas that are taught in this video will allow you to eliminate your procrastination. In this video, you will be provided with six ideas to reduce and eliminate your propensity to procrastinate.

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