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Setting Goals in Ministry

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Setting goals is one of the most powerful tools for being successful in whatever you do in your life. At any level or area of leadership, setting goals is a fundamental skill that will shape your success. It is important to be able to be as effective of a leader as you can, while maintaining balance between your work life and your personal life. As the responsibility of your leadership role increases and the amount of time you have to fulfill that responsibility decreases, you must have an effective system in which you set goals for yourself if you want to succeed.

Setting and achieving goals takes a sense of practicality and time management skills. When you make goals for yourself, staying committed to the desired result of your goal will lead to success in the area that you are trying to improve. Since goals can often be difficult to achieve, it is important to remember why you are trying to achieve them in the first place. For some church leaders, it is simply because whatever goal they have created for themselves will most likely result in more people being saved. For others, their goal may revolve around an improvement that needs to be made in their personal life. Whatever your desired result is, it is important to stay committed to the goals that you set in order to achieve it.

Your leadership is, in many respects, a product of the goals you set. Setting goals is a means of taking control of your life and your schedule, in order to do exactly what God has called you to do. In a world where there are so many distractions to keep you from achieving what you need to in order to be an effective leader, learning how to be intentional with your goals is a skill that is crucial to success as a church leader.

In this video, you will learn three key parts to goal setting that will assist you as you attempt to organize your responsibility as a leader.

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