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Personal Improvement in Ministry

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Every leader has responsibilities in their day-to-day lives that require many different strengths. How effective you are at achieving the highest level of accomplishment as it pertains to those achievements is determined by how strong you are in certain skills and areas of your life. The good news is, you can always improve your level of competency. In fact, self-improvement is a constant effort that effective leaders should always be striving for. There is never a point in your leadership that you should not being aiming higher than the level of competency you are currently at.

There is a large quantity of leaders that are struggling to meet their goals, create a more sustainable atmosphere at work or at home, or engage in more effective leadership strategies. The most likely cause of these struggles is the fact that these leaders are either not willing to improve themselves, or they do not understand the steps that need to be taken towards self-improvement.

There is a good chance that you have been asking yourself: why am I not growing as a leader? Why are the events I plan not living up to the dreams I had? How do I grow in a certain area to make it easier for me to accomplish what God has for me and my leadership?

Leaders who are constantly growing are always asking themselves what they can do better. Questioning everything you do in terms of leadership will allow you to pinpoint your areas of weakness and allow you to take the necessary steps required to fix them. What area of your life can you improve in order to make yourself a more effective leader?

In this video, you will explore four things that will help you improve as a leader. You will also learn what questions to be asking yourself in order to become the leader that you want to be.

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