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Saying No in Ministry

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If you want to be an effective leader, you have to be able to say no to some things, so you can yes to the most important things. This is true in any leadership capacity. There is a certain amount of time you have in your schedule to accept responsibilities and once that time is up, even if an important responsibility comes up, you will not be able to balance everything. This is where the ability to say no can help you become a stronger leader.

Saying no to additional responsibility is not the only thing that you may need to say no to. There are many areas in your life that the value of saying no can help you with. Maybe you know that there are some temptations in your life that are hindering you from being the leader that God has called you to be. Maybe you struggle with spending your time doing things like watching more television than you should. Maybe you know there are some things in your life that are wasting your time, but you do not know how to let go and say no. In this video, you will explore the many benefits of being able to say no and what effect it will have on your leadership ability.

Success depends on getting good at saying no. The problem is, saying no can be very hard for two reasons. The first reason is that you may be a person who finds it hard to say no when someone asks you for help, even if it means sacrificing the important things you need to get finished. The second reason is that there are things in life that are just not fun to give up. There are temptations, activities, and routines that you are so used to that may get in the way of your leadership.

In this video, you will learn five important thoughts on saying no. These thoughts will help you see the value in saying no, as well as assist you in the process of saying no.

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