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The Responsibilities of a Church Board

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When someone is elected to a church board, the excitement that follows is unprecedented. This is because there are a multitude of new responsibilities and opportunities that arise. The tendency to jump right in and be fully engaged is very common. They will also have some preconceived notions as to what their role will look like and about the responsibilities of a church board. They may consider their place on the church board to have more or less authority than it actually does.

The primary role of the board member is to support and advise the pastor. This is a biblically based role. It is a description which applies to both new and current members of the board. These board members should exhibit outstanding character, hospitality, prayer life, and selflessness. They may also bring some particular area of expertise or experience to the conference room table.

We intend to clearly explain the roles of a church board member.  We also discuss how the board member relates to the pastor, other board members, and the congregation. There are many hypothetical reasons why the roles and responsibilities need to be clearly communicated. How should a pastor and other board members respond when a board member clashes with the others? In reality, clash within church boards is a common issue, but the way you lead can flip this reality around.

In this video:

We offer insight into the five primary responsibilities of a church board that members can apply personally. This insight will help board members contribute to the mission and vision of the church in the way that God has designed.

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