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How to Communicate to My Church Board

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Unity is essential to a church infrastructure that is flourishing and functioning as God intended. There is no division in terms of purpose, position, or authority. It is exemplified in a picture of people serving people – me serving you, you serving me, everyone serving one another. Furthermore, there will be found barrier-free communication channels that have clearly disseminated vision, mission, and core values flowing in a style of cascading communication through pastoral staff, church board members, leadership staff, and the base of volunteers. So, all of this spurs the question, “how do I communicate to my church board?”

Effective communication in a church is Biblically based. In fact, we state expectations in terms of Biblical mission. Strategies and tactics are communicated with the sincere belief that “we are one in the Spirit,” and our purpose is the great commission to reach people. Communicating this with full-time staff who are dedicated to these priorities is easy, but church boardsmanship is a different ballpark.

Church board members are essentially lay people, who more commonly work in other secular callings. These secular callings may bring bias and some confusion to the equation. Effective communication to your church board entails getting each board member to be on the same page.

As a pastor, you can create a culture of communication that sets an example of how board members should be communicating with one another and with everyone in the church. There is an identifiable language with culture that is consistent. You must communicate the unique language of church mission.

In this video:

We are sharing practical advice on church boardsmanship that really works. This video explains why effective communication to your church board is essential. This session also identifies four great strategies for establishing effective board communication. It is time to quit asking yourself, “how can I communicate to my church board?”

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