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How to Get My Church Board to Make Changes

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Our discussion of roles and responsibilities gives clarity to the lanes that pastors, staff, and board members operate in. This allows for strategic week-to week operations to be separate from the broader scope of board oversight.  There is a baseline that reserves ideological matters such as mission, vision, and core values above the baseline for pastor-board discussion. Below the baseline is where we find strategic discussions, ministry content, technical production, marketing, accounting, and other-staff related concerns. Perhaps you ask yourself, “how do I get church board to make changes?”

There are times when a major directional change should be communicated with the church board. The types of directional change and how to communicate them are discussed in this session. We also examine the various roadblocks in which to be attentive regarding church board communication. These regard major directional issues, and the solutions to apply to each of the roadblocks. In addition, we discuss when changes happen within the board.

You will also learn the one principle that makes change of direction more palpable to your board and to the church as a whole. Applying this principle to your church board is vital when attempting to enact change. In addition, we discuss how to increase church board clarity with the tips we provide.

In this video:

We present three tips for navigating change of direction to the members of your church board, plus six thoughts on handling the inevitable changes that occur among the church board. Change inherently produces skepticism. With that said, there are several proven steps in how to best communicate change that make it more palpable to an audience of one or six or 300. These steps are sure to inspire directional change in your church board.

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