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13 Steps to Recruiting More Volunteers

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When the church volunteer base is growing, it is a sign that the church is also healthy and growing. Sometimes you need someone just to step up and do a particular job, but that’s not the ultimate goal. When you are placing volunteers in positions where they can thrive and commit for the long haul, you are building momentum for something great to happen. Every leader that is unleashed for service also has influence to now develop someone else. As a result, they set the stage for influence and ministry development in others. Your mission to reach your sphere of influence for Christ is great enough that everyone should share in that mission. All of this ties together when it comes to recruiting more church volunteers.

You may be reticent to dig deeper into this if you are uncomfortable with the term recruiting. To some, it may elicit a feeling of a door-to-door salesman or a guy trying to hustle innocent people. It may cause you to be apprehensive due to your lack of recent success in persuading people to respond. If recruiting volunteers has been a real challenge for you thus far, we encourage you to lock in to this session and set your mind on the advice offered here.

We have observed a certain mindset that energizes the recruitment process and reshapes church culture resulting in excitement. Church leaders who have cultivated an environment in which everyone wants to be on their team, because their team has a vitality that follows a well-communicated sense of higher purpose. We know churches that appear to actually have more than enough volunteers, but the reality is they are simply staying a tiny bit ahead of the growth curve.

In this video:

We share thirteen proven steps to help you in recruiting more church volunteers. While watching this video, allow this amazing advice to energize you.

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