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Barriers to Volunteers Serving

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A church can grow faster and expand the ministry scope farther when it is continually adding joyful, passionate volunteers. When an established culture of service is felt by everyone, more volunteers will participate. Barriers to volunteers serving is a problem that many churches face. We want to help you solve the issue of a lack of volunteer participation caused by these barriers.

A culture of service does not thrive in a church that has barriers to letting people be involved. Sometimes these barriers are self-imposed, but frequently, a barrier to service may go unnoticed until it is revealed by a prospective volunteer. Sadly, you could also have another volunteer who led someone to believe that “this area is full.” People may wish to use their gifts in a certain area but are not clear about the opportunities. Barriers which hinder involvement are detrimental to church growth and spiritual life.

Shaping a culture of service may include a transition from an environment that tells people they can’t, to one that tells them they can. Participation from new volunteers stems from existing volunteers being willing to energize them. There is no better advertisement for new volunteers than when existing volunteers exhibit joy and fulfillment for everyone they see.

When your culture of service appeals to the best in people, new volunteers will find it appealing enough to enter into participation. The culture is also more palpable when it doesn’t appear to simply be making things easier for you. The culture of service will appear to be people centric.

In this video:

We present twelve productive ways to avoid and eliminate barriers to volunteer participation. People who are sitting on the sidelines want to feel welcomed, not stifled. When you watch this video, we encourage you to use these tips on how to break barriers to volunteers serving.

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