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Improving Ministry Performance Among Staff

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After you have made a substantial transition within your ministry, it is tempting to put all your focus on your own life and your personal development. While this is very important, it is equally imperative that you are able to lead in a way that promotes accelerated performance from the team around you. You have not been put in a position of ministry so that you can fixate solely on your individual growth, but you are expected to lead in a way that values improving ministry performance.

While this is true, it is also evident that the best strategy towards improving ministry performance, is to equip yourself as a leader first. The difference here is your motive. Are you attempting to accelerate your own performance for personal gain or for the advancement of the ministry around you? Improving performance in ministry starts as an individual process, but it creates a lasting ability to develop the ministry of the team around you.

As you prioritize improving ministry performance, there are several questions that you must ask yourself when it comes to the condition of the ministry you transitioned into. While this is a pretty obvious fact, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what questions you should be asking yourself to improve performance in ministry. Furthermore, after you have asked the right questions, how do you respond? How can you apply what you have learned about yourself and the ministry in order to accelerate performance?

In this video, we will provide you with some key thoughts pertaining to improving ministry performance. Along with this, we will equip you with a helpful acronym that will allow you to improve and maintain a thriving ministry. During this critical time in your life, hold on to these pieces of advice so that you can make the most out of this new opportunity that God has placed before you.

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