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Building Your Best Ministry Team

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As God takes you to a different position, place, or situation, the transition that is required could quite possibly leave you feeling alone. Obviously, you know that you have a God who is guiding you as you strive to live out His will, but from a leadership perspective, embracing the loneliness can be tempting. This is especially true if you are in a completely new geographical area or an unknown field of ministry. In times like these, when your transition can feel like a trial, it is important to remember that you cannot do ministry alone. You have to build your ministry team based on what God wants you to accomplish.

As you seek to start building your ministry team after a substantial transition, it is easy to become overwhelmed by everything that has not been covered yet. Perhaps you are lacking a key leader, which is causing someone else to pick up the slack until you find someone else. Maybe there is a constant issue of miscommunication between you and your team now that you have made this transition. These are things that could easily happen as you make a major transition, whether you are building your ministry team for the first time or reorganizing the one you are a part of.

Do not worry yet, because the good news is that your leadership skills can expand the potential of your team and bring them to new horizons regardless of the situation. Building your ministry leadership team around the new opportunity that God has placed in your life is imperative to your success. If your team is so important, how do you build it? What are the strategies you should use to ensure that you are maintaining a cohesive team?

In this video, we will provide you with four phases to assess as you either guide your team through a transition or form a completely new one. By allowing these phases to shape your team, you will thrive in building your ministry team in the midst of transition.

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