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How to Adapt to New Ministry Positions

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The leadership responsibility that you possess after you have made a substantial transition into the area of ministry where God wants to use you is staggering. On top of the responsibilities that come along with your job description, you have to assimilate yourself into the new atmosphere in a way that promotes efficiency and effectiveness. A primary part of this assimilation process has to do with how you adapt to new ministry positions. It is imperative that you have an in-depth understanding of how you can align yourself with your ministry.

Why is this assimilation process so crucial? Why is your alignment with the mission and goals of the church a pivotal step for both your individual success and the overall success of the church? Beyond that, as daunting as it is to adapt to new ministry positions, how is it possible to maintain effectiveness by properly assimilating yourself? All of these questions are great questions to ask, but they are useless if they are not answered with solutions that promote individual and church-wide growth.

The truth is, God has not only placed you in a position of ministry, but he has graced you for it. This means that the transitional step that you took in obedience to God is not in vein and it will not be wasted! We remind you of this because we understand how difficult ministry can be when there are so many unknowns and uncharted territory. If you are feeling the weight of attempting to get assimilated and align yourself with your ministry, you are not alone.

In this video, we will give you five key points that will allow you to adapt to new ministry positions. Synchronizing alignment after a transition can be a tricky endeavor, but when you embrace the concepts within this video, your fear of assimilation will begin to fade away. Align yourself with your ministry, and the growth that follows will be unprecedented.

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