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How to Get More Leaders to Prepare for Church Growth

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When you look at the Great Commission set forth by Jesus as he commands us to make disciples of all nations, there is an inherent implication that Jesus values leadership that thinks about the future. We are to make disciples so that God’s will can be done in generations to come. As important as this is, we would be naïve to ignore the obvious parallel that is present in terms of our leadership. We must raise up church leaders that are biblically and spiritually driven in order to spread the Gospel. This video serves as your guide to getting more leaders to prepare for church growth.

In addition to this, the advantages of raising up church leaders are vital as you advance in your ministry. In order to thrive and maintain success for your church, you must think about the future of your ministry. This applies to all facets of leadership. Sometimes this directly applies to your leadership as you may need to delegate or replace yourself with someone else. Other times, you may find that positions need to be filled with people who are empowered and equipped to advance the kingdom of God.

Regardless of the scenario that you currently find yourself in, raising up church leaders is vital to your ministry. As soon as you begin to be faithful to the ministry that God has called you to by raising up and empowering others, you will begin to see a culture that thrives in its ambition to advance the Gospel.

In this series:

Leadership must think about the future, and let’s face it, you may not be a part of that future. You may find yourself in a different position down the road, but your current ministry is your responsibility. In this series, we will unpack key fundamentals to getting more leaders to prepare for church growth.

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